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Cosmix - Matte Holographic Vinyl Sticker

Cosmix - Matte Holographic Vinyl Sticker


NEW: This special edition of the holographic cosmix design has a matte finish to give it a more subtle rainbow effect and deeper colours  


A 3" matte holographic vinyl sticker of a music player with an out of this world playlist *:・゚✧


More Info:


✧ Made with a high-quality weatherproof vinyl material that's laminated with a UV protective finish for outdoor use, so you can use the stickers anywhere without worrying about it fading


✧ An original illustration designed and created myself - this is the only place you can get one of these stickers directly from the artist ♡


✧ You can ask for a gift message to be printed and included in the package at the checkout, free of charge!


Some ideas from other customers for what to use your stickers on: laptops, skateboards, bedroom mirrors, suitcases, stickerbombing, whiteboards, sketchbooks, notebooks, scrapbooking, phonecases

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