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Little Greenhouse - Transparent Vinyl Sticker

Little Greenhouse - Transparent Vinyl Sticker


The long-time popular "Little Greenhouse" design has been completely re-designed to suit my improved art style since its initial creation in 2017, this is was my very oldest artwork still for sale and it's back with the same transparent finish to mimic real glass in the panes of the greenhouse 🌱


More Info:


✧ Made with a high-quality weatherproof vinyl material that's laminated with a UV protective finish for outdoor use, so you can use the stickers anywhere without worrying about it fading


✧ An original illustration designed and created myself - this is the only place you can get one of these stickers directly from the artist ♡


✧ You can ask for a gift message to be printed and included in the package at the checkout, free of charge!


Some ideas from other customers for what to use your stickers on: laptops, skateboards, bedroom mirrors, suitcases, stickerbombing, whiteboards, sketchbooks, notebooks, scrapbooking, phonecases

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