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If you're searching for the online store policies click here

  • Can I use your work or post it online?
    Sharing my art online to social media pages and such is completely fine by me, on the condition that: 1. I'm credited somewhere as the artist, and tagged if possible. 2. My artwork isn't altered in a way that changes it from the original, such as filters or lettering over the image. 3. You're not profiting off my work or using it as advertising (Anything that's just for personal use such as using my art for your computer wallpaper is also fine and there's no need to ask) If in doubt feel free to contact me for permission, otherwise you can go ahead as long as you meet these guidelines! If you wish to use my work commercially you can enquire through my contact page.
  • Do you offer commissions?
    I do! You can find more details on my terms and pricing along with examples of what I offer by clicking here
  • Can I get your art tattooed?
    You can and I'd be very delighted to see any pictures of it once it's done whether you send them to me or tag me in a post. I'd also appreciate it if you supported me in return for using my art by buying something from my online store or pledging to my Patreon, but this is up to you.
  • I saw your work online and I think it's stolen or being sold, should I tell you?"
    Absolutely, that would be a massive help as I can't keep eyes on everywhere my art goes online. If you think there's something I need to see you can message me on any of my social media pages or on my contact page
  • What art supplies do you use to create your art?
    I have a list of the supplies I mostly use here on my about me page, it isn't conclusive but it covers most of the tools I use for the average artwork.
  • What setup do you have for your digital art?
    The info for this can also be found on my about page
  • Do you have any art tutorials?
    I have plenty! Most of them are available exclusively on my Patreon for those to pledge but there's also on archive of older ones available on my DeviantArt here
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