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Lunar Suncatcher Decal

Lunar Suncatcher Decal


This 4" rainbow suncatcher decal fills your room with a spectrum of colours once hit with natural sunlight 🌈

More Info:


✧ 4" x 3" in size with a cracked ice pattern behind the design


✧ To install simply peel from the backing and stick onto a clean glass surface, lay the decal slowly onto the surface from one side in a rolling motion to help avoid any air bubbles, then use a soft cloth to rub it down with a little force and smooth it onto the glass. Removeable.


✧ An original illustration designed and created myself - this is the only place you can get one of these decals directly from the artist ♡


✧ You can ask for a gift message to be printed and included in the package at the checkout, free of charge!


Some ideas for where to stick your decals: room windows, passenger car windows, water bottles, empty picture frames

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